Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kinds of projects can masonry construction cover?

A- Fireplace, structural, investigative, pizza ovens, outdoor kitchens - specialty new construction

Q: What is the difference between brick and concrete?

A- Brick versus concrete - this is based on style, and brick is more architectural timeless traditional. Concrete is more industrial looking not as warm. Warm inviting, exciting. Many different styles with brick, more inviting. Prices vary based on style.

Q: Can masonry construction help with my broken chimney?

A- Broken Chimneys can be fixed construction - however it also depends on what material your chimney is made out of.

Q: Should the masonry contractor I hire be insured?

A- Workers and your work is also insured.

Q: Why should I choose masonry construction?

A- Timeless, maintenance, character, doesn't go out of style. Durability.

Q: Can I purchase stone from you?

A- Primarily focuses on just doing the masonry work but I am happy to recommend different places with product that would interest.

Q: Natural Stone and Manufactured Stone? Is there a large price difference?

A- Natural versus Manufactured (pre cast, manufactured) pre cast is the same price as regular stone. Retain colors. Manufactured stones do not retain their color as well. It takes about 5-10 years to fade. When you have to replace the stone, you won't be able to match the color. Prices doesn't vary too much but really based on the distance for freight. $17-$18 sq ft dollars manufactured, $18 thin natural stone but can go up there.