Exposed Brick Accent Walls

Give Your Home's Interior a Rustic Charm

Get a brick accent wall installation in your home in Cleveland or Spring, TX or the Greater Houston area

Do you love the look of old-world cottages, but live in a modern home? The expert stoneworkers at Strait Line Masonry Corp. can install an exposed brick wall in your home to get the same feel and charm of a brick house. Our German schmear technique mimics the irregular sizing and faded whitewashing of older buildings while utilizing the strength and utility of modern masonry techniques.

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We follow a 4-step process for our brick accent wall installations

For all of our exposed brick wall installations, we follow a strict process to determine a plan of action and get you exactly what you need. We will:

1. Help you choose a style and plan
2. Determine the size of the job
3. Give a quote for time and materials
4. Handle all installation and finishing

Want the German schmear look for your home? Contact us today to get started.